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Brian's Bridge of Hope Inc. 🌉 Is a social services organization committed to helping children in need while advocating for fair and equal conditions for everyone throughout Northwest Indiana, illinois, and Arizona. We are driven by our passion for helping others, we always work hard in our effort to build a better future for our clients and families. We have partnered with several non-profit institutions to better perform our social service responsibilities. We are dedicated to improving the life quality of everyone in our society. You can reach us at +12192136886 email us @ [email protected] Instagram @ Innovator's of Brian's Bridge 

Welcome our Newest Intern!

Fransta is a future innovator who is currently completing her undergraduate studies at Governors State University and hopes to obtain her Bachelors of Social Work in the Spring of 2021. She lives on the Southeast side of Chicago, and her passion in life is children and their development. Fransta also has participated in Vocational Bible Schools over the past eight years and counting. She enjoys listening to music, traveling, and spending time with her family. Upon joining our team, Fransta mentioned to us that "[her] goal working with Brian's Bridge of Hope Inc. is to gain more experience in social services and the community". She is primarily involved with supporting youth in the Chicagoland area. 

Welcome Our Newest Member!

Deandre is a recent graduate of Pomona College. His journey with Brian’s Bridge of Hope began with him wanting to contribute to his community by providing intentional care and resources to folks with similar experiences like his, growing up on the South Side of Chicago. His research focuses on assessing critical pedagogical frameworks through psychological studies along with applied forms of community outreach and mentorship. Deandre also enjoys writing and videography in his free-time as an aspiring creative artist. Deandre aims to center the experiences and stories of youth through his work by using a multidisciplinary approach to student success and liberation. He is also involved in grassroots organizing and providing culturally-informed mental health resources in low-income Black and brown communities in Chicago and the Greater Los Angeles Area. 


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I received Services immediately through BBOH, The level of treatment and genuine concern for me and my daughter was Phenomenal. I highly recommend this organization to those I need of Any ...

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